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Systems and Software

Use IT to streamline and automate your business processes.

Resource Inventory and Customer Management 

Do you have the same issues as other SMB? Are you faced with frequent overstock, or do you not have enough stock? Are you able to efficiently and accurately break down stock into safety stock, replenishment stock and normal stock? Do you lack visibility across multiple warehouse locations? Are you having trouble costing effectively accommodating fluctuations in customer demand? 

Inventory management is a critical factor in driving customer satisfaction and growth for your business. It can make or break a business, and many find efficient inventory management as a way of modernising their business and revolutionising their services. It helps make sure there is rarely too much or too little stock on hand, limiting the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records by saving you money, improves cash flow and satisfies customers. 

Backup and Recovery

Data backup is crucial for protecting your business's continuity. Did you know how many businesses lost their precious data because they didn't have a backup solution? 

It’s important for businesses to plan ahead and put data backup systems into place in case the worst happens, well before it happens. Successful data backup systems are accomplished by using an offsite server or separate drives to store your massive amounts of information. Without putting these systems in place, data recovery becomes difficult resulting in loss of information when the worst happens.

To paraphrase Paul Simon, there are 50 ways to lose your data:

  • A desktop/laptop hard drive crash or damage to your mobile device can render your data unrecoverable
  • Your computer or phone can be stolen - business break-ins are common and according to FBI statistics 97% of stolen laptops/desktops are never recovered
  • Data can be accidentally deleted (or deliberately deleted by a disgruntled employee)
  • Your computer can be hijacked by malware
  • Your online storage accounts can be hacked
  • A ransomware attack could render your files inaccessible until a substantial fee is paid

For adequate data protection, you need to establish a data backup system that follows these three steps and King IT can help with all of them, come and talk to us:

  • Backup business data regularly
  • Create backups on reliable media or in the cloud
  • If using media for backups keep the devices in a secure, off-site location

Management / Monitoring

Want guaranteed fixed price support? We can help. To qualify, our team will conduct an audit of your hardware and network to ensure that downtime from IT problems is a thing of the past. We can access and protect your IT systems with infrastructure management solutions that increase security and efficiency.


Having good hosting is essential so your brand can offer a quality service to the public. Hosting can be used for many applications, such as systems, virtual stores, blogs, and websites, with advantages ranging from better performance to greater security. In other words, hosting is responsible for ensuring access for the entire public to the virtual address.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is a system of technologies and procedures designed to help an organisation and fleet managers run at the most efficient capacity, and as companies face growing demand and other industry challenges, fleet management is important to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, improve productivity and safety and positively impact the bottom line.

A true fleet management solution gives fleet owners and managers full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity to drive efficiency in one unified platform. This includes visibility at an individual level - from a driver to a single vehicle or piece of equipment - to a high-level view of the entire fleet, including those with thousands of vehicles.

Phone Systems

King IT offers some incredible rates on VoIP and IP telephones including IP Phone Systems and Softphone Systems. 


Whether you are in need of small business internet solutions or corporate level connectivity, King IT can help. We deliver reliable, fast internet connection and high-speed solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Who We Are

King IT was founded in 2015 as a boutique IT service provider, since then the business has grown to multiple sites across southeast Queensland. We have grown our business on a people-first (not product first) attitude providing genuine insight to our clients, designing customised solutions and introducing smart tech to improve people’s lives.

Our team of 32 full-time solution providers we have over 100 years of combined experience. Our people-first attitude has led a rigorous training and development program for our team ensuring we can attract, retain and grow a team of talented, motivated and brand-agnostic specialists in hardware, security, software and systems.

When you partner with King IT, you are getting expert advice from a team that puts you first. We are 100% focused on getting you an outcome that fits and supports you as your business grows.


King IT Success Stories for our Business Clients

  • Designed and implemented systems to automatically synchronize and secure you and your business files, contacts, customers, and financial information with a recovery plan. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Created systems to minimise downtime by setting up new staff and instantly closing or transfer access for staff changes to keep data secure. [Hospitality and Professional Offices]
  • Customised bespoke systems allowing simple collection and management of customer details enabling automated quoting, follow up, invoicing, reminders, bookings and subscriptions. [Clinics, Gyms, Workshop, Surgeries]
  • Provide IT support, regular health checks and audits, remote access and local personal support, including after-hours packages or ad hoc or monthly non contracted plans. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Reinforce security with the implementation of network security, email security, and security awareness training. Helping prevent downtime and data loss. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Rollout secure and upgraded WiFi solutions of any size to enable secure businesses and guests to access WiFi throughout premises up to a multi hectare property. [Hospitality, Professional Services, Education, Government]
  • Setup business emails on a business domain implement a backup regime and recovery plan and manage security. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Deliver templated new hire/desk packages designed to fit specific roles to reduce time in selecting devices, and setting up while standardising the fleet for ease of management. [Franchisors, Professional Services, Wholesalers]
  • Supply new and refurbished hardware with largescale rollouts of up to 1000 devices at a time. [Professional Services, Education, Government]