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About Us

Our Vision

To be the preferred IT service provider in Australia.  We are the “go to” IT support people!  

We aim to be a national leader in the delivery of IT-related services, educating the nation on the real-life benefits of different technical solutions.

We want to reduce the impact of technology on the environment by offering high-quality refurbished goods at affordable prices and servicing technology to ensure it has a longer life.

Known for our customer service, we will ensure that the customer experience is central to the way we do business, focusing on providing the best service at the lowest prices and in the fasted timeframe possible.

Our Mission

King IT’s Mission is integrated into creating richer, safer, and more tech-savvy local communities.

King IT provides equipment and services that are affordable, are easy to understand and implement and, are delivered in the fastest possible time.

We truly care for our customers and thrive on turning complex problems, and frustrations into straightforward solutions and peace of mind.

We care for the environment too.  At King IT we ensure your technology is given the longest life possible.  If it can be repaired, reused or refurbished safely… it will be!

Our dedication to education and career growth inspires an entrepreneurial spirit for our people.

Our Story

King IT is a retailer founded on the Sunshine Coast with multiple locations in Australia. 

We are unique compared to most retailers in the selection of products and services offered is weighted to services and repairs to phones, tablets, PCs, Macs and drones. We also sell a large range of accessories, toys, and gadgets as well as new and refurbished computers, phones and drones. At King IT, our team have a unique attitude in fixing things, we focus on the customer and the outcomes they want and we make it as fun, relaxing and easy as possible.

We also offer business solutions with bespoke software solutions, automation, integrations, phone and internet, backups, office hardware and much more. We also provide insight into how our strategic partners can help them to get more value from digital marketing and digital services. The aim is to save small to medium business owners money and time while improving environmental outcomes.

Our team are highly trained with our proprietary method as well as through RTOs and vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Vonex, Intel, AMD, WD and a Ubiquity. Along us to deliver a consistent experience to customers via a robust discovery, solution design and sales process followed by comprehensive delivery SOPs. We are committed to ensuring our team is the very best at what we do to help customers save time and money by getting longevity out of their tech which helps the environment.

As technology has become so ubiquitous in everyone’s lives and businesses, King IT have expanded our range of services to better achieve our mission. These include:

  • Refurbished Devices - Refurbished Laptops, Refurbished Macs, Refurbished Phones, Refurbished Tablets
  • Hardware Repairs and Services - PC Repairs, Mac Repairs Laptop Repairs, Tablet Repairs, Phone Repairs, Drone repairs
  • Accessory Sales - Computer Accessories, Mobile Accessories or any other Tech Accessories
  • Software Development - Business Software, POS Systems, Systems and Software
  • Website Development
  • IT Helpdesk Support
  • Digital Marketing - SEO, Custom Relationship Management 
  • Hosting
  • Internet and Telephony

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