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PC or Mac for Business

To keep your company running smoothly,

you need a powerful and reliable business computer.

Computers are one of the most precious assets for any company. When choosing new PCs or Mac for your business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we're here to help. 

Which device is best for your business 

Your business requirements may dictate the necessity for a powerful desktop or a versatile 2-in-1 laptop, especially if you aim to impress during client presentations. In reality, a mix of machines tailored to the unique needs and roles of individual employees is likely essential. Seamless and swift access to both stored data and utilized programs is crucial.

When it comes to selecting the devices that align with your needs, we are here to assist you, ensuring that the computers you purchase are a perfect match.

New or Refurbished

Our team of business advisors is available to assist you in creating a budget and collaborating with you to comprehend how both you and your employees utilize the machines. We will guide you in deciding whether new or refurbished computers with the performance specifications and capabilities best suited for your business are the most appropriate choice.

PC or Mac

Small business desktops and laptops each offer distinct advantages. A desktop provides superior performance and responsiveness for the cost when compared to a laptop with a similar price tag. However, desktops are essentially confined to a workstation, making them most suitable for stationary workers.

Conversely, laptops are designed for mobility. These compact, lightweight devices are ideal for working at a desk, in a coffee shop, on a plane, and virtually anywhere in between. Our business advisors are well-equipped to guide you toward the best option that aligns with your business needs. We provide both PC and Mac computers, featuring a range of new and high-quality refurbished devices that can result in substantial cost savings, potentially totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

If you require assistance in selecting computers for your business, feel free to reach out to us or submit an inquiry here. We are eager to provide the support you need.

Who We Are

Established in 2015, King IT started as a boutique IT service provider and has since expanded to encompass multiple locations across southeast Queensland. Our growth is rooted in a people-first philosophy, prioritizing genuine insights for our clients, crafting customized solutions, and introducing innovative technology to enhance people's lives.

With a dedicated team of 39 full-time solution providers boasting over 100 years of combined experience, our people-first approach has fostered a robust training and development program. This initiative ensures that we attract, retain, and cultivate a team of talented, motivated specialists proficient in hardware, security, software, and systems, irrespective of brand affiliations.

Choosing King IT means aligning with a team that prioritizes your needs. We are unwaveringly focused on delivering expert advice and tailored solutions that support your business growth and align with your unique requirements.


King IT Success Stories for our Business Clients

  • Designed and implemented systems to automatically synchronize and secure you and your business files, contacts, customers, and financial information with a recovery plan. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Created systems to minimise downtime by setting up new staff and instantly closing or transfer access for staff changes to keep data secure. [Hospitality and Professional Offices]
  • Customised bespoke systems allowing simple collection and management of customer details enabling automated quoting, follow up, invoicing, reminders, bookings and subscriptions. [Clinics, Gyms, Workshop, Surgeries]
  • Provide IT support, regular health checks and audits, remote access and local personal support, including after-hours packages or ad hoc or monthly non contracted plans. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Reinforce security with the implementation of network security, email security, and security awareness training. Helping prevent downtime and data loss. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Rollout secure and upgraded WiFi solutions of any size to enable secure businesses and guests to access WiFi throughout premises up to a multi hectare property. [Hospitality, Professional Services, Education, Government]
  • Setup business emails on a business domain implement a backup regime and recovery plan and manage security. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Deliver templated new hire/desk packages designed to fit specific roles to reduce time in selecting devices, and setting up while standardising the fleet for ease of management. [Franchisors, Professional Services, Wholesalers]
  • Supply new and refurbished hardware with largescale rollouts of up to 1000 devices at a time. [Professional Services, Education, Government]