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IT Security for Business - Cameras, Building Access, Email, Website and Network, Security Awareness

Keep your premises, emails, websites, software, and network secure coupled with awareness training from our qualified pros.

Cybercrime is on the rise. Not only are phishing and ransomware attacks, which tend to capitalize on current headlines, but business email compromise (BEC) is also up. BEC is when a cybercriminal breaks into a legitimate corporate email account and impersonates the real owner to defraud the business or its partners, customers, or employees into sending money or sensitive data to the attacker. With so many more people working remotely and less able to verify emailed requests from coworkers as legitimate, you can imagine how this threat could run rampant.

In an increasingly complex and risky environment, you can’t afford to let security slide. From desktop to network to the cloud, King IT has your security covered. 

Cameras and Monitoring

Need a business security system that can scale as your business grows? We have solutions that are fast, affordable and easy that monitor and protect your business location 24/7 including:

  • Business Entrance
  • Cash Registers and Safes
  • Back Office, Dark of Hidden Areas
  • Low Visibility Areas
  • Storage/Warehouse 

Building Access

Whatever your business, knowing and controlling who enters your building or site is essential, from both a security and a safety point of view. This adds an additional layer of security and protection for your residents, employees, information, and assets. With most building access control systems, traditional keys aren’t used. Instead, you’ll use some ID devices below:

  • Keycard
  • Key Fob
  • Card Reader
  • PINs
  • Keyless Biometric Readers

We have solutions for you to access control and fully integrated with your other security systems including alarms, video surveillance, intercoms, and monitoring. 

Email Security

Did you know, there are more than 90% of cyber attacks start with malicious emails? It means that if your business uses emails, it’s at risk. Protect your organization from spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks today. Email account hacking and impersonation are common delivery methods for cyber criminals to send fake invoices, phishing emails, or malicious attachments as mentioned above. We can help to block the initial ransomware at your perimeter  Talk to us today. 

Website Security

Is your small business website secure? It is now easier than ever for business owners to create a company website, but it’s not so simple to build a secure site that will protect user data and financial information.

Therefore, website security is vital to keeping a website online and safe for visitors. Without proper attention to website security, hackers can exploit your website, take it offline, and impact your online presence. The impacts of a hacked website can include financial loss, brand reputation issues, and poor search engine rankings. Here are the most common website security vulnerabilities and threats:

  • SQL Injections
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Credential Brute Force Attacks 
  • Website Malware Infections and Attacks
  • Dos/DDos Attacks

If you haven't had any website security setup on your website, feel free to reach out by submitting an enquiry below, we'd love to help.

Network Security

Small business network security is the combination of hardware, software, policies, and practices used to protect a company’s network from unauthorized access. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Essentially, it’s everything you do to prevent data loss, prevent phishing, prevent spam, and protect against ransomware. 

In your business, you must have a system and strategy in place to find and control problems across the network. If you don't, we can help to secure your network.

Security Awareness Training

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, security awareness training helps businesses decrease help desk costs, protect their reputation and secure their overall cybersecurity investment. We make it easy to implement an ongoing training program that significantly reduces the risk of security breaches through phishing simulations based on real-world attacks and training that covers relevant security and compliance topics including cybersecurity, IT best practices, regulatory compliance, a variety of IT, security, and other business-related topics.


Who We Are

King IT was founded in 2015 as a boutique IT service provider, since then the business has grown to multiple sites across southeast Queensland. We have grown our business on a people-first (not product first) attitude providing genuine insight to our clients, designing customised solutions and introducing smart tech to improve people’s lives.

Our team of 32 full-time solution providers we have over 100 years of combined experience. Our people-first attitude has led a rigorous training and development program for our team ensuring we can attract, retain and grow a team of talented, motivated and brand-agnostic specialists in hardware, security, software and systems.

When you partner with King IT, you are getting expert advice from a team that puts you first. We are 100% focused on getting you an outcome that fits and supports you as your business grows.


King IT Success Stories for our Business Clients

  • Designed and implemented systems to automatically synchronize and secure you and your business files, contacts, customers, and financial information with a recovery plan. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Created systems to minimise downtime by setting up new staff and instantly closing or transfer access for staff changes to keep data secure. [Hospitality and Professional Offices]
  • Customised bespoke systems allowing simple collection and management of customer details enabling automated quoting, follow up, invoicing, reminders, bookings and subscriptions. [Clinics, Gyms, Workshop, Surgeries]
  • Provide IT support, regular health checks and audits, remote access and local personal support, including after-hours packages or ad hoc or monthly non contracted plans. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Reinforce security with the implementation of network security, email security, and security awareness training. Helping prevent downtime and data loss. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Rollout secure and upgraded WiFi solutions of any size to enable secure businesses and guests to access WiFi throughout premises up to a multi hectare property. [Hospitality, Professional Services, Education, Government]
  • Setup business emails on a business domain implement a backup regime and recovery plan and manage security. [Multiple Verticals]
  • Deliver templated new hire/desk packages designed to fit specific roles to reduce time in selecting devices, and setting up while standardising the fleet for ease of management. [Franchisors, Professional Services, Wholesalers]
  • Supply new and refurbished hardware with largescale rollouts of up to 1000 devices at a time. [Professional Services, Education, Government]