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New and Refurbished PC, Mac, Phone Tablet, Printers, CCTV


King IT has a range of workstations to suit your needs and budget. We have a massive range of new and refurbished PC's Macs, and Chromebooks. We can find unique and interesting solutions to problems, helping you save money and increase productivity and security. 

Our business specialists can set up role-specific templates where we understand your software needs and specifications that they require and can send out or deliver a new workstation that has the right software ready to go and is ready to just switch on, connect to the network, and use. 

Our range of accessories is vast! From input devices such as ergonomic mice to chairs, we have what you need. We have docks that allow effortless connection to your workstation and when it's home time just simply disconnect and go. Monitors, brackets, and risers for all applications. We also can help with furniture ensuring that the ergonomics of your workplace are right. 

Phones and Tablets

Need your team to stay in the loop? We offer iPhones, Samsungs, Oppos, and Huawei in both new and high-quality refurbished devices that can save thousands of dollars. Your growing business doesn’t need to be burdened by massive phone plans. Buy cost-effective phones outright and save thousands. Refurbished doesn’t have to mean big clunky and old. While we can get some sleek new devices we can also save you loads with a sleek excellent grade Microsoft Surface Pro or equivalent. We can supply iPhones from $249 and support a capped price maintenance program to deal with damaged devices. We also have fleet management options too.  


If storage and centralized processing is what you need we have that covered too. 








We offer both managed and unmanaged print services. If you're looking for a cost-effective printer we have you
covered. If you need great value productivity-focused solutions so you never run out of ink or paper we have you covered.

Monitoring and Premises Alarms
King IT partners with leading alarm manufacturers to deliver the most cost-effective solution that
provides an appropriate level of security.