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Apps for Business

Do you need an App for your business?

One of the modern digital environment’s key features is being multi-channel. Establishing an effective presence in those channels which provide contact with potential customers becomes a vital business challenge. Mobile apps are considered to be one of the most powerful tools for contacting the target audience in terms of business. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone and this market continues to grow. That is quite a weighty argument as to why you should focus on mobile technology.

Developing a mobile App for business can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience, as well as many other advantages that will help put you ahead of your competition.


Benefits of Apps for your Business 

1. Provide More Value to Your Customers

2. Build a Stronger Brand

3. Connect Better with Customers

4. Reach a Higher Customer Engagement Level

5. Boost Profits

6. Improve Customer Loyalty

7. Build a Direct and Personalised Marketing Channel

8. Get Ahead of Your Competition


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Who We Are

King IT was founded in 2015 as a boutique IT service provider, since then the business has grown to multiple sites across southeast Queensland. We have grown our business on a people-first (not product first) attitude providing genuine insight to our clients, designing customised solutions and introducing smart tech to improve people’s lives. 

Our team of 32 full-time solution providers we have over 100 years of combined experience. Our people-first attitude has led a rigorous training and development program for our team ensuring we can attract, retain and grow a team of talented, motivated and brand-agnostic specialists in hardware, security, software and systems. 

When you partner with King IT, you are getting expert advice from a team that puts you first. We are 100% focused on getting you an outcome that fits and supports you as your business grows. 


King IT Success Stories for our Business Clients

1. Designed and implemented systems to automatically synchronize and secure you and your business files, contacts, customers, and financial information with a recovery plan.

[Multiple Verticals]

2. Created systems to minimise downtime by setting up new staff and instantly closing or transferring access for staff changes to keep data secure.

[Hospitality and Professional Offices]

3. Customised bespoke systems allowing simple collection and management of customer details enabling automated quoting, follow up, invoicing, reminders, bookings and subscriptions.

[Clinics, Gyms, Workshop, Surgeries]

4. Provide IT support, regular health checks and audits, remote access and local personal support, including after-hours packages or ad hoc or monthly non contracted plans.

[Multiple Verticals]

5. Reinforce security with the implementation of network security, email security, and security awareness training. Helping prevent downtime and data loss.

[Multiple Verticals]

6. Rollout secure and upgraded WiFi solutions of any size to enable secure businesses and guests to access WiFi throughout premises up to a multi hectare property.

[Hospitality, Professional Services, Education, Government]

7. Setup business emails on a business domain implement a backup regime and recovery plan and manage security.

[Multiple Verticals]

8. Deliver templated new hire/desk packages designed to fit specific roles to reduce time in selecting devices, and setting up while standardising the fleet for ease of management.

[Franchisors, Professional Services, Wholesalers]

9. Supply new and refurbished hardware with largescale rollouts of up to 1000 devices at a time.

[Professional Services, Education, Government]