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Top Three Ways to Protect Your Phone Screen!

28th July 2022


It's a Winter Wednesday morning, hump day. You’ve got a million and one things going on and deadlines are creeping up on you. You’re running late to work so you speed into the carpark and throw open the car door. As you take a step out of the car you watch in horror, as your phone slips from your pocket in slow motion and goes crashing to the cold, hard, unforgiving concrete. 

Despite how horribly slowly these events are unfolding to your eyes, you have no time to do anything about it, you have a coffee in one hand and your work bag in the other, so all you can do is wince as you hear the spine chilling noise of your phone burying into the ground. 

As you place your coffee on top of the car and lay your bag on the seat you bend down to survey the damage, praying for the best but already knowing the outcome. 

It's cracked… Again. Now you need to get it fixed… Again. 

If you’re reading through that hypothetical and thinking ‘Geez, that’s me’, then you’ll need to read these three tips on how to keep your phone screen safe. 

Tip number one is to use a screen protector. Screen protectors are crucial for keeping your phone screen unscratched and chip free. They come in two main categories, tempered screen glass protectors and a few variations of plastic protectors. These handy little accessories can protect your phone from drops and scratches and also make it incredibly easy to clean so you can have that new phone look and feeling all of the time!

Number two is a phone case. Most phones these days come in the box with some form of case, but these (whilst better than nothing) aren’t always sufficient. Be sure to do your research (or ask a professional like one of our tech gurus) and find a good quality case that will fit your phone and protect it from the ravages of the wild.

Our third tip is to get your screen repaired. This one might sound a little silly but your phone screen isn’t supposed to have cracks or chips in it. A compromised phone screen is not only an aesthetic issue but also a threat to the remaining portions of your screen and also the fragile technology within such as batteries and circuit boards. 

Getting your phone screen repaired even if the damage is minimal is always a good idea and once it’s all fixed up you can further protect your device with a screen protector and case.

For a limited time King IT are running a huge price slash on phone screen repairs, so if you’re one of the many who are getting around day to day with a huge crack or chip in your phone screen then perhaps it's time to pay us a visit. 

Nowadays we use our phones for so much more than just making calls. Mobile phones are used for entertainment, gaming, business, information and research gathering, navigation, identification and connecting with other people and the world around us on a level we as a species have never seen before. 

Your phone does so much for you, we know we’d be lost without ours, so keeping it healthy and in good nick is the least you can do in return for it. 

Treat your mobile right and get that shoddy screen fixed up at a discounted price by our resident tech gurus for a limited time at your nearest King IT store.