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Techvember: Your Gateway to Digital Delights | King IT

03rd November 2023

As we dive into November, we're excited to present "Techvember" – a month filled with incredible offers and opportunities that will enrich your digital journey in ways that truly matter. We've tailored this campaign with you in mind, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your tech needs and desires.

Here's a sneak peek into what Techvember has in store for you:

Free Health Check for PC or Mac:

We're kicking off the month by offering you a complimentary health check for your PCs or Macs. Bring in your devices, and our expert technicians will assess their condition. Whether it's to ensure top-notch performance or identify potential issues, this health check is designed to give you peace of mind in today's digital landscape. And if repairs aren't feasible, don't worry! We have a fantastic range of refurbished devices in-store that might be the perfect solution to meet your tech needs.

National Recycling Week:

At King IT, we're committed to environmental responsibility, and we invite you to join us this month in honour to celebrate National Recycling Week (13th to 19th November). It's the perfect time to actively promote responsible electronic waste disposal. Bring in your old and unused electronics for recycling, and you'll not only reduce e-waste but also contribute to impactful initiatives. For laptops, your participation supports the 'Teacher in a Box' initiative, extending their impact beyond technology. And for phones, you'll be part of our contribution to the 'DV Safe Phone' initiative, which makes a real difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors.

Tech Trade-In Program:

If you have old devices that you no longer need, consider our Tech Trade-In Program. This flexible program allows you to choose whether you want cash, store credit, or the option to donate to the DV Safe Phone initiative, supporting domestic violence victims. It's not just about decluttering and upgrading your tech; it's about making a meaningful contribution to a great cause.

Black Friday Tech Bonanza (24th to 27th Nov):

Unveil Incredible Tech Deals: Black Friday is right around the corner, and at King IT, we're gearing up for an extraordinary Tech Bonanza! Get ready to explore jaw-dropping deals on laptops, all-in-ones, and desktops. We've been working diligently to curate a selection of fantastic offers that promise incredible value for you. Come into the store and check out the deals! It's the perfect opportunity to supercharge your tech arsenal!

Techvember is not just about great offers; it's about enhancing your digital experience, promoting environmental responsibility, and making a positive impact in our community. We want to be your trusted guides in the digital world, helping you find the perfect tech solutions and making your tech dreams come true.

Stay connected with us throughout Techvember, and together, we'll make this a month to remember. Thank you for choosing King IT, where your tech journey is our top priority.