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The low down on why you get junk emails!

04th November 2021

Ever wondered why you are getting spam emails, calls and text messages? You’re not alone. You are probably like many of our customers wondering how on earth they get your details.

What happens is that when you sign up for a service, website, app, or something else you give details to those companies. Then when you agree to the terms and conditions (that no one ever reads), you agree that if they get hacked and accidentally lose your data its not their fault.

At King IT we monitor the dark web to see what details are being sold, and keep an eye on ones that might be important. We offer service, which is free this week only, to see if your email turns up on the dark web.

Here is a list of some of the latest hacked data sets added to the dark web in October 2021, this happens each month.

Thingiverse - where a database backup began extensively circulating within the hacking community containing 228 thousand unique email addresses, as well as usernames, full names and passwords.

Playbook – Where more than 50 thousand unique email addresses along with names, phone numbers, job titles and passwords. We are not aware if the parent company Plug and Play Ventures notified impacted individuals as they ceased responding to queries from the press.

LinkedIn - During the first half of 2021, LinkedIn was targeted by attackers who scraped data from hundreds of millions of public profiles and later sold them online. The data contains approximately 125M unique email addresses, as well as names, geographic locations, genders and job titles.

CoinMarketCap - 3.1 million email addresses with accounts on the cryptocurrency market capitalisation website CoinMarketCap were discovered being traded on hacking forums. Whilst the email addresses were found to correlate with CoinMarketCap accounts, it's unclear precisely how they were obtained. At this stage these are only email addresses.

Fantasy Football Hub – The fantasy premier league website Fantasy Football Hub suffered a data breach that exposed 66 thousand unique email addresses, names, usernames, IP addresses, transactions and passwords.

Keep in mind that these breaches were for October 2021 only. Breaches like this happen each and every month. If you have the same password for everything it’s a great idea for us to check this for you ASAP and see if you are at risk.