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All you need to know about QR Codes!

07th January 2021

A bit like new growth after the bushfires a year ago, QR codes are sporting up everywhere. Most notably at venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafés but also enhancing your product packaging, or optimising the effectiveness of a business cards or resume. So if you are intrigued by the potential of these Codes, and why they are here we have the answers.

QR codes are now so ubiquitous because the Queensland Government has introduced legislation mandating the use of these QR codes or electronic devices to record patrons’ contact information for the purposes of contact tracing.

Fun fact, QR stands for “quick response”. In 1994, a manufacturing company required a better, faster, stronger technology to the Barcode to process higher amounts of characters and to aid them in tracking vehicles and parts. Masahiro Hara with a team of two, undertook the task of developing what we now know and recognize as the QR Code.

They created the It is a computer-generated image that works a bit like a barcode except is compatible with a camera and so does not need a specialist scanner and instead can use the camera on your smart phone.

When scanned a QR code it’ll open a string of text usually a link to a website. In venues these are links to online forms to register their details by helping venues to comply with their COVID-safe industry plans. 

Nowadays, some smartphones have an integrated QR Code reader in the phone camera such as Bixby Vision for Samsung and the iOS 11 for Apple. But no worries. If your phone does not have a QR Code reader, there are a plethora of options to get that sorted. If you are having problems then come in store and chat to one of our team to help get you set up.

We can also setup an auto fill to make check-in in at your local café or club easy and done in seconds.