What is AdBlocker?

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AD Block

Online Advertisement Blocking Browser Extension called AdBlock, which was later fork become the open source AdBlockPlus which actually can beats directly with the newer, also called AdBlock Browser Extension which is not related but the function is very similar. Available for Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera, Safari and Yandex, Adblock Plus uses filters that you choose to block all unwanted elements, including video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and much more. This is possible based on the filter list(s) you’ve selected.

What functionality do the extension have?

Adblock Plus itself has no functionality; it doesn’t block anything until you “tell” it what to block by adding external filter lists. Filter lists are essentially an extensive set of rules that tell Adblock Plus which elements of a website to block. You can add any filter list you want. For example, block tracking or malware. You can also create your own filter lists. Almost all filters are open source, therefore many filter lists have been created by Internet users.

Adblocker prevents you seeing the content you didn’t intend between browser and the given website and check in the source and element or featured on the webpage images for example or video stream and if matches anything in the ad filter list, it will simply not be displayed. This has obvious benefits, the user page loads faster since unnecessariness sometimes inappropriate images are never download it, obnoxious features like that thing were mousing hover a word and pop out a place to buy stuff can be ignored, full page pop ups that make you wait 5 seconds to read an article can be skipped, distracting like annoying games page pop-ups, banners or such can be skipped too.

If you’re on a limited data plan, blocking ads from being downloaded especially video ads can help you save your monthly bill especially related to mobile users and then some cases, ad blockers can even prevent particular scumbag ads from opening new connection on your new browser as every browsing session, there are multiple firms tracking your online activity and browsing history. Hundreds of ad agencies are tracking your every move.

With Adblock Plus, you can easily disable most tracking and browse the web more anonymously. It can also disable malware domains. If your computer is slow at startup or riddled with pop-ups, it may be infected with malware. Computers infected with malware are vulnerable to all types of cyber-attacks, including stolen identity. Infected computers can also be used to send spam emails or attack other computers or servers, stealing passwords, social security numbers, personal documents and credit card information.