Are you a victim of the latest Virus & Malware Rampage?

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A moment before you “LOSE IT ALL”

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With the latest developments in AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning algorithms which are primarily focused on making this world a better place, there is a major risk or possible increase of criminal activity online. Such activities are posing an enormous threat to cybersecurity in the days to come. As it says, “In every seed of good there is always a piece of bad.” Ever since the cyber revolution, we have faced the dreadful experience of an annoying and sometimes costly malware or virus attack. Using the latest data driven technologies available today, cyber criminals can attack with exquisite accuracy and greater speed than ever before. To make things worse, the most up to date virus guard or spam guard can easily be penetrated effortlessly with a blink of an eye. It is always a good idea to make sure that your system is safe and protected from possible attacks.

Early Diagnosis & Prevention


  • Step 01 –
  • The basic prevention method is to install and update a recommended virus guard and a spyware protection tool.
  • Step 02 –
  • Running frequent scans on your system, making sure the applications used are up to date.
  • Step 03 –  chartoftheday_10045_new_malware_specimenand_share_of_windows_based_malware_n
  • Prevent yourself from opening suspicious email attachments or clicking on links. 

These are important day to day tasks, especially if you have a PC or Mac loaded with valuable data you would die to protect. To be 100% confident that you are safe you will need an expert tech support service providing a comprehensive diagnosis of your system. Early diagnosis and expert advice from an experienced technician can save you from the possible nightmare of losing irreplaceable data on your system. The system itself could be at risk from being damaged beyond the state of recovery if such advice is ignored.

Failing to take the basic but crucial steps mentioned above will leave you searching Google for terms such as: “How to recover from virus”, “How to restore my data”, “DIY virus cleaning”, affordable data recovery etc., in a desperate effort to recover from a dreadful situation which could have been prevented. The golden rule is: Don’t wait till it’s too late. You might not get another chance.

The KING IT solution

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