Universal Nano Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector 1ml


Compatible with all smart phones and tablets up to 10″ (NOT COMPATIBLE with Sony Xperia)

Provides the ultimate screen protection for up to 2 years

Ultra-thin with a high gloss finish and reduced smudges and fingerprint marks

Increased touch screen sensitivity and HD clarity

Easy and quick to use with full instructions

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Usage Steps:
1.Please use the cloth in the package to clean the screen first
2.Cover the phone screen by the liquid evenly and wait around 5 minutes for the liquid dry(dont drop any water or make the fingerprint during this time)
3.After full dry,use the left liquid to repeat step 2 to clean the screen again and wait around 10 minutes to use the cloth to clean the screen.
4.After full dry by the step 3,use the left liquid to clean the screen once again by 3rd times.
5.After all,please wait 30-45 minutes,use the cloth to clean the screen last time,then ok to use

Easy to apply  giving a perfect result every time     
No bubbles, no wrong positioning , no glue stains.    
Protest against abration and scratches Anti-static with an invisible but gloosy finish    
Reduce finger marks and smuggles     
Improve sreen clarity and brilliance    
Resistant both acid and alkaline    
Water and oil repellant, Dirt & dust repellent    
Preserves screen sensitivity    

9H extreme hardness    
High definition    
Crstal clearly    
Abrasion resistance    
Ultra thin


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