Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick Monopod


A selfie stick or selfie pole are the same thing however there is an added clamp at the tip of the ├monopod┝ which was originally made for cameras. The rise of popularity is due to the word ├selfie┝ last year where people will take a photo of themselves and post them online via social media sites such as Facebook & Instagram.

These selfie sticks are extendable poles which allows you to take a selfie of yourself or a group shot at a more extendable reach. The quality of the photos turn out better with a better background view and better ability to photograph more people in the group shot.

Why our selfie sticks are best:

We deliver the best quality selfie sticks to Australia. They will fit most smartphones, particularly the more popular type of phones. Our selfie stick has a removable clamp to attach a camera with a standard tripod mount direct onto the pole.


┢ Min height: 187mm

┢ Max height: 1005mm

┢ Material: Aluminum alloy

┢ Soft rubber grip

┢ Pole extendable from: 180mm to just over 1m (187mm to 1005mm)


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