June 27, 2018

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Entrepreneurs create successful IT store empire

3rd July 2018

award pic 01

Sunshine Coast could be Home to Australia’s next big IT name. Patrick King and Charlie Tan were awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s Entrepreneurial Forum Charity Gala Dinner held right here on the Sunshine Coast.

The Entrepreneurial Forum is a gathering of 350 entrepreneurs from around the world and is hosted on the Sunshine Coast in the last weekend of June by Global Business Coach Bruce Campbell. The forum has speakers from the top of their field in business planning, team building, company culture, and leadership. Read More


New King IT store opening at Westfield Coomera soon

30th June 2018


Advancing with the successful venture in providing specialized tech services, King IT is further expanding presence in the East Coast. The 4th King IT store will be launched in October 2018 at the new Westfield Coomera, the largest and the most anticipated shopping centre in Gold Coast.

Construction is still underway for the new Westfield Coomera and is expected to open in late 2018. Read more

NEWS : Crazy frog survives on computer bugs

16th May 2018

b881379136z1_20180516134250_000gs713i1ln2-0-wkfj6z9fbnzesnn0aq2_ct677x380WHAT do you do when your computer croaks?  A Bundy local faced with this situation took their PC to King IT last week after they heard it making “croaking noises”. Employees were shocked to find a green tree frog had taken up residence inside the mini tower.”A couple of the boys were a bit startled,” Connor Thompson from King IT Bundaberg told Yahoo7.

“I’ve seen a fair few dead insects, or geckos (in computers) – but never a living green tree frog,” he said. Read more

New Stockland store to employ local jobseekers

24th Nov 2017

b881100825z1_20171124112517_000ghbsmhji2-0-98xxhpbsjwycx1rcbp2_fct2537x1542x135_ct677x380STOCKLAND Bundaberg will be welcoming a new shop. King IT will come to the centre formerly known as Sugarland, tomorrow. This is the third store for King IT with a store at Hervey Bay and Maroochydore. Buying a new phone or gadget when the old one is broken might seem like the easy option, but getting it fixed keeps jobs in Bundaberg, helps the environment and saves you some money too. Read more

New IT store opening in Hervey Bay soon

16th May 2017

hervey bayBUYING a fresh new phone or gadget when the old one is broken might seem like the easy option, but getting it fixed keeps jobs local and saves you some money too. King IT will open doors in Hervey Bay next week and owner Patrick King said they fix everything, from drones, fitness watches, and have even fixed cattle-testing equipment in the past.

“We will have a team of three employees opening the store and everyone is really excited,” Mr King said. Read more