July 18, 2019

Hardware Solutions


Office Hardware



We offer PC and Mac computers offering both new and high quality refurbished devices that can save tens of thousands of dollars in savings.



Value Workstations – Starting at $249

If you need a highly value-focused solution, we provide new and refurbished hardware to suit your budget.



Ultra Productivity Stations – Starting at $999

Need to do more at once? we can access some great refurbished monitors, docks and computers to deliver a great value solution!


Phones and Tablets




We offer iPhones, Samsungs, Oppos, and Huawei’s in both new and high quality refurbished devices that can save thousands of dollars.


Value iPhones – Starting at $149


Your growing business doesn’t need to be burdened by massive phone plans. Buy cost-effective phones outright and save thousands.


Tablets – Starting at $699

Refurbished doesn’t have to mean big clunky and old. While we can get some sleek new devices we can also save you loads with a sleek excellent grade Microsoft Surface Pro or equivalent.



We offer both managed and unmanaged print services.

Unmanaged Printers – Starting from $199

If you’re looking for a cost-effective printer we have you covered!


Managed Printers – Starting from $99 per month

If you need great value productivity-focused solution so you never run out of ink or paper, we have you covered!




We offer a wide range of office furniture including chairs, desks, and risers.



Desk Risers

Sit and Stand Desks

Monitor Arms