July 18, 2019

Digital Marketing Solutions

The biggest challenge for small and medium businesses is that most marketing efforts happen in a piecemeal or uncoordinated fashion. One company looks after websites, another CRM software, another the information system and a third looks after the hardware infrastructure.

At King IT our philosophy is that this should be a collaborated and coordinated approach tying in a marketing campaign to derive and collect data from where it is needed to maximise return on spend, and also work to retain and increase the spend of those customers that are captured.

With more and more marketing moving to a digital platform it makes sense to partner with your IT provider have a fully integrated look at the big picture.

Social Media Audit

Our social media audit is designed to target where your social strategy is falling down. Our social media analyst will have a meeting or webinar to discuss with you areas of improvement and how we can help.

If you proceed with a managed social media we will put the full value of your audit towards the management.

Social Media Ad Boost Campaign Design and Setup

Our Campaign setup is a one-time design and setup service that works to:

Anticipate your Audience

We help you ditch the pay and spray approach. By using your existing customer data, we can find and engage people with higher intent.

Find The Right Mix

We’ll identify which social platforms that provide the best cost per conversion against the highest quality prospects and share these insights so you know what’s working.

Building awareness, generating leads, converting prospects

We specialise in creating unique, high performing strategies for each target to ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for.