3 steps to save your Smartphone from water damage.

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The spring season is just about the corner and its good to know some tips on how to save your phone from water damage. Today we talk about the 3 most important and immediate tasks to save your mobile phone from water  damage , What not to do & some handy products to keep your mobile phone safe while you enjoy the season.

It’s easy to imagine your heart skipping a beat when you notice that one of your devices has sustained mobile water damage.For example, let’s say you dropped your smartphone in the toilet. There’s no time to panic, though, because time is of the essence. To save your phone (and bring it back to life), implement the following three steps as soon as possible:

1. Power Off

If the phone was turned on before it entered the water, immediately turn it off and don’t plug it in (even if it appears to still work). This is an important step because neglecting to turn the device off can cause it to short circuit — and create irreversible damage if water is trapped inside.

Remove any protective casing, and pat dry the outside of the phone with a cloth to absorb water and moisture. We DO NOT recommend putting your dissembled phone in an airtight bag of dry rice to help suck up the moisture.

2. Remove Battery

If your smartphone has a removable battery, take it out after the device comes into contact with water. This will help to prevent corrosion from occurring. If your device’s battery is not removable, it’s best to leave it alone rather than attempting to disassemble the phone.

3. Seek Professional Repair

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Chances are, that you have important information stored on your mobile phone. Therefore, if you want to give your device the best chance of survival, bring it in for a professional consult for wet phone repair.

Of course, these services will cost you. For example, some repair companies charge a flat rate if the phone can be fixed, while others charge a diagnostic fee even if the phone can’t be repaired. Furthermore, additional components of the phone may need replacement due to the extent of the damage — therefore, you may incur additional costs. Depending on the critical nature of the information or data that needs saving, it may be worth it.

When your phone experiences water damage, it’s hard not to go straight into panic mode. Thankfully, you have options. To ensure your damage is as minimal as possible, look into backing up your mobile information to the cloud or an external hard drive.

What not to do after you see your dropped phone in water

The following actions can mean the difference between a totaled phone or a survival story. You better be careful what you do. Before we jump into finding a solution, let’s try to prevent major failures you could cause.

  • Do not turn on the phone, as we already mentioned. Electrical components don’t play well with water when operating.
  • Don’t plug it in either! For the same reason.
  • Don’t press any keys. This can push water further into the phone. It’s best to try to mess with the phone as little as possible.
  • Don’t shake or blow into the device. This could also push water into deeper areas of the phone. Especially try to avoid blow driers – not only because of the blowing part, but also because of the following point.
  • Do not apply any heat to the phone. Remember excessive heat can also damage the phone. You don’t want to add more damage!
  • Don’t move the phone around too much. Same deal; you don’t want the water moving around inside the phone. 

Handy products to save your smartphone from water damage during the spring season

It is always a good idea to prevent the water accident before it actually happens or at least do what ever it takes to minimize the damage. Having a splashproof casing or having the phone securely fixed to your arm with a hand phone arm band will save you a lot of money on unnecessary repair costs of data recovery costs. 

Splash is King IT’s exclusive waterproof case range. It offers 1.5 metre drop resistance and 1.5 metre water resistance. They are ideal for those of us that are more accident prone, live a more active life, work or play out in the rain or snow and best of all they are better quality than life proof at a fraction of the price.  

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