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Our mist screen cleaner is the ultimate tool to keep your screens and entertainment with clean, crisp visuals. With wide compatibility to work on your smartphone, computer or TV, our screen cleaner will safely eliminate dust, fingerprints and more!

It features a 2-in-1 design with a microfiber cloth integrated and wrapped over the spray bottle that will conveniently keep the set together.

The integrated microfiber cloth easily clears away smudges, dirt, dust and fingerprints from screens and equipment, streak-free.

Enjoys wide compatibility to clean all types of screens; from your smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer to even your TV.

Provides a gentle clean that is free of alcohol or ammonia.

It features a compact size for convenient portability to take home or to the office. Additionally, features a refillable design that allows you to top up the 10.5ml cleaning spray instead of buying a whole new bottle.

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Keepin’ your devices Schmutz free is easy. Simply spray and wipe in one go. The microfiber can easily be cleaned after repeated use.


Portable Design:
Handy design fits in your purse or back pocket
Removes all nasty microbes and bacteria from your screens
No Alcohol or Ammonia:
Safe for you, your device and the environment
Integrated design combines microfiber cloth and spray in one
Cleans All Screens
Ideal for phones, tablets and the touch screen in your car
Gentle Microfiber
Efficiently and safely cleans all screens and devices


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