MJX Bugs 3 Mini Remote Control Quadcopter with Brushless Motor and WiFi Link


MJX Bugs 3 Mini is a gorgeous little drone. It is designed as an entry-level drone, it is aimed at those people with little to no drone experience, and is designed to be an easy to control drone without having to worry about complicated smartphone apps or other confusing peripherals. The Bugs 3 Mini is also designed to be a very inexpensive drone. With up to 300 meters of operating range, you will not find a drone at the same price tag going further away than the Bugs 3 Mini.

As far as flight performance is concerned, MJX Bugs 3 Mini is definitely up there with the best mini sports drones. It is extremely fast, agile and can do all sorts of maneuvers pretty easily. Best of all, it is beginner-friendly, allowing you to grasp on the controls in no time. In addition to the normal stabilized (AKA angle) mode, Bugs 3 Mini also sports the popular acro mode. In this mode, there is no stabilization whatsoever so it can get pretty difficult to control the drone at times. That’s why acro mode is only suitable for experienced pilots.

It also comes with a low battery voltage alarm, out of range alarm and headless mode.

B3 Mini

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Flight time: 10 minutes
Flight Range: Up to 300 meters
Camera: No camera included
Sensors: Accelerometer, 6-axis gyro
Advanced Features: Low battery alarm, acro mode, angle mode
Size: 240x240x65mm
Battery: 2S 850mAh 45C LiPo battery
Charging time: 180 mins
Transmitter: dedicated physical transmitter


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